EU 35-47 , UK 3.0-12.0 , US 3.0-13.0 , JPN 21.5-31 , KOR 230-310
Ref. 011460

As part of our MOUNTAIN collection, the BORNEO hiking shoe is ideal for climbing majestic mountains. Safety Jogger Adventure is the Belgian go-to outdoor brand for exploring any adventure. We develop timeless outdoor shoes at a family price, without compromising on technical features, quality and comfort. Made to be your companion on any trail. 

BORNEO is a low, comfortable all-terrain hiking shoe for the adventure hiker and is also suitable for trekking. These sturdy hiking boots can also be worn on rough terrains. To make your adventures through the woods and over mountains as enjoyable as possible, BORNEO features:

  • WATERPROOF SUÈDE TOP: The breathable material does not allow moisture to penetrate and keeps feet dry
  • SOIL WITH EXCELLENT GRIP to prevent slipping
  • EXCLUSIVE INSOLES: You can easily use your own orthopedic insoles. In addition, all our shoes come with two pairs of soles. 1 pair for spring and summer and 1 pair of insulating soles for the cold months
  • ENERGY ABSORPTION AT THE HEEL: To keep the impact of your steps as low as possible and avoid painful legs and back.
  • LACES THAT ARE EASY TO TIGHTEN OR LOOSEN: So you don't lose time putting the shoe on and can start your adventure right away.

From simple to highly technical footwear, we offer three levels of outdoor footwear. Ranging from the light city hiker with the CITY collection to the average nature lover with the FOREST collection and the heavy adventurer with the MOUNTAIN collection. In this way, we want to encourage everyone to explore every adventure, wherever and whenever.

Key features

Water resistant upper (WRU)
Water resistant upper (WRU)

Prevents penetration of water if not permanently exposed to high levels.


Waterproof footwear prevents liquids to enter into the shoe.

SRC slip resistance
SRC slip resistance

Slip resistant soles are one of the most important features of safety and occupational footwear. SRC slip resistant soles pass both SRA and SRB slip resistant tests, they are tested on both steel and ceramic surfaces.

3D mesh
3D mesh

Three-dimensional produced distance mesh to provide increased moisture and temperature management.


Textile , Suede Leather
3D-Mesh , Membrane
SJ foam footbed
Size Range
EU 35-47 , UK 3.0-12.0 , US 3.0-13.0 , JPN 21.5-31 , KOR 230-310

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